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April 28, 2020


Belgians asked to eat fries twice a week to combat potato surplus

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Having lived in Belgium, twice a week seems low. I mean, this is a country that serves a big plate of frites instead of rice at Chinese restaurants. (IANMTU)

.. mayo .. not ketchup (or catsup) .. I'm stunned

All I can think of is when Mark Watney dips a potato in crushed Valium (because he can) and says, "It has been *seven days* since I ran out of ketchup!"

If I ever start a band, I'm going to call it Spud Glut.

Mayo on fries? No wonder we always beat the Euros in wars.

I prefer Heinz 57 or Rudy's barbecue sauce.

Would you like any burgers with that?

Serving mayonnaise with french fries is a hanging offense in Texas.

I'll stick with Malt Vinegar.i

MOTW, trust me. It is not like our mayo. It's delicious.

I'm with Mike M: twice a week? You mean twice a day, right?

Jeff .. I think you're saying it's not from a jar, but freshly prepared daily. That is better.

When I think of having frights twice a week, I get a little nervous.

What has four wheels and fries ?

Boil 'em
Mash 'em
Put 'em in a stew.
Samwise Gamgee knew what to do.

(even if it isn't poerty day)

Jeff--I have heard good things about European mayo, but never tasted any. Is it available on this side of the pond? I mean, when we can go grocery shopping like we used to.

I don’t think there was enough mayo on those fries.

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