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April 28, 2020


A welcome mat at the front door of a Florida home read “come back with a warrant” and that’s just what deputies did before finding drugs and drug paraphernalia inside.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Just hire a patrolman named " Warrant ". Then they'd only have to make one trip.

The mat doesn't specify a search or arrest warrant. A warrant can also be a type of security, or an authorization for some other action. The agenda for New England Town Meetings is called a warrant, for example. Come back with one and a you can argue that the homeowner has publicly invited you to enter. It's a good grammatical argument, if weak legally.

I'll bet the mud rug inside says "I pay your salary."

The perp had a child at home? He needed to also have, "And bring a Big Stupid Stick to beat me with" on that mat, too.

I want to but one of those mats.

and when you come back bring a Popeye's chicken sandwich (spicy), also bring a shrubbery (something tasteful).

Did LePet challange one of those mats ?

"I doan need no steenkin' warrant!"

Let me just guess this guy's not a fan of government in general.

Only in Florida do criminals come with operating instructions...

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