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April 25, 2020


Have at it, you lunatics.


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This is CNN.

The FCC needs to intervene before Fly Robin Fly or something like this debacle is ever allowed on the airwaves again...


Enough to provoke Kim Jong- un's successor to launch nuclear weapons towards the U.S.

4.2 million views is then same number of inhabitants living within my house if you don't count the ones living here legally.

And here, every one of the 4.2 million are eligible for unemployment benefits.

"And with the 1,024th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Oakland Los Angeles Oakland Las Vegas Raiders select Glum Ricketts, punter, North Carolina State Tech A&M Junior College..."

Within a few miles of my house, there are about 4.2 million people and none of them are aware of any law that is rumored to exist.

Snork at Trent.

Orange County CHP officers issue more than 150 citations in 4 hours.

Most for exceeding 100 MPH.

In all seriousness, several years ago after more people were shot while driving my route to the office I considered NEVER driving on that stretch of Freeway again. So, I took a hard second look at what I was dealing with. So, all things taken into consideration, I do not dare to drive that stretch any more. Well, unless I fill up with Premium and bring along my retractable baton.

So Michigan has extended the shelter-in-place order to May 15th and ordered the use of face masks in enclosed areas (such as grocery stores). I don't have a mask, so I made one with a bandana as demonstrated by Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams. I thought I would pass out out from lack of oxygen. I'm still going into the office a couple times a week and they say they are going to make facemasks available, so I have that to look forward to.

Cannot wait for the NY Giants to pick Mr. Irrelevant for 2020. Seems appropriate since the giants are irrelevant.

Wanderer2575 - These ship from US by good company. I do a little correspondence for the company, they are a good company. The price is a little steep, but much steeper in other places if available.

Here in Roswell, New Mexico some of us from Geezer Acres walked over to the nearest home of space aliens to see how they are handling the lockdown.

There was a note on the door saying they were vacationing on the planet Rigel. They added the answer to our problems could be found in a black hole.

We don't think they meant Uranus...

You can make face masks out of paper towels and tape. Or napkins, etc.

Not very good masks, but the purpose is to keep you from spreading possibly infectious aerosols, not to stop inhalation of ±100 nanometer virus particles that go right through any mask with less than N95 protection. Over 50% of people with COVID-19 are asymptomatic, but can still shed the virus.

These are also easy to make.

Hello Everyone,

I just returned from hiking the Appalachian Trail for the past 3 1/2 months.

Did I miss out on anything?

One pleasant thought. Musicians of all genres are putting on livestream or recorded concerts. I have been enjoying so much good music. I especially like the ones where they say - "here I am in my living room with the piano and I'm going to play . . .". (I'm a jazz piano fan.)

My wife is a big fan of crossword puzzles, the highlight being the weekly NYTimes crossword edited by Will Shortz. I learned today that there is a blogger who essentially writes reviews of NYTimes crosswords. The puzzle creators act irritated, but secretly want to get good reviews, rumor has it.


Shopping today was better. At Costco, I was looking at the meat department with Mr. MOTW, who wanted to smoke some ribs for us and our neighbors. The butchers had music playing and we shoppers could hear it: The Eagles' Hotel California. And at the refrain, a woman who was heading toward me and I both started singing from beneath our masks, WELCOME TO THE HOTEL CALIFORNIA .. And we caught each others' eyes and began to laugh a bit.

That's the first time something like that has happened in a month, gentle blogits. It was a Normal Moment, but made more special by the lengthy absence of it.

At Trader Joe's, there was a 20-minute wait in line to enter the store. An employee would walk the line every 5 minutes with a handful of bottle water, offering it to anyone who was thirsty. And he asked if anyone was special needs or (ahem) pregnant, so he could escort them to the Front of the line. That was the kindest thing I have witnessed in a while.

In the meantime, we have 21 lbs. of ribs that have been lovingly dry-rubbed and will be smoked for six hours with apple wood tomorrow with plenty of mopping sauce to keep them moist. (Yum, yum! a la Grandpa Jones)

MOTW you forgot to mention your address and what time you want all of us there tomorrow.

man tom, I had a bonus with your link, this ad for "Jawzrsize before and after do jawline exercises work?" My husband likes to see my jaws work with no noise coming out.


MOTW--The Eagles and Hotel California are what we need---remembering just how good we had it back then.
And how we thought it would never end.....

Le Pet

I'm in violent agreement with you...



Jawzersize is sure to lead to a problem with TMJ. Which painwise can be just as effective as having the bone of your spine impinge on your spinal cord. This is called spinal stenosis. I know because I have been tossed around like a rag doll while being forcefully thrown out of an establishment by a steroid induced 400 lb. man. This 'tossing effect' in no way compares to the pain of either of the conditions I described. It's worse in some ways. I could take the guy in your video. And you are very welcome.

Retro chillin'



Doesn't get any better than Bryan Adams.

Or Bruce


This is safe for work and just about any occasion. If you have any teenagers that fall into the male gender category in the home office have them gather around and catch a bit of "this potential Billboard Chart topper. It will make their night if not their entire week.

man tom

That's a winner and makes this look game by comparison...


Or this...


I really don't know what year that Born to Run LP came out, but I bought it and listened to it hundreds of times. Not many knew who Springsteen was before that album.

Just as I had the LP of this group who's singer and bass player is Glenn Hughes. Waaaaaaay before He was with Deep Purple. I have asked for this CD to be buried along with me. From 1969. The garage band in my neighborhood played these songs in nightclubs in the area in the early 170's

Same for Robin Trower. From the best Rock album EVER released on planet Earth 20th Century Blues, the coolest rock song ever made. Don't try this at home. It doesn't get any better.

All time fav. How could you not want to pick up a guitar and play this. Perfect.

Then there was this unimaginably great song.

Worth repeating.

I'm sure all of you know the stories of Hendrix, Joplin and Jim Morrison all victims of overdose in the early 70's. But how many have ever heard of Paul Kossoff? Well, his father was an English actor. He was a fantastic guitar player who like the aforementioned more famous tro everyone knows about, died in the early 70's of a drug overdose. You think what would it have been like had Hendrix lived longer? Morrison? Joplin? Well, how about it this guy playing guitar, Paul Kossoff, had lived longer.

nursecindy, I have to agree with what you said last night.

22 total.

Who wants to read that? Not me.

Positive developments..
Waters are cleaner
Air is cleaner
wildlife(even squirrels) are retaking areas once deemed too busy for them
gas is WAY cheap

Negative developments...
Recycle centers down which means we will need designate an entire State for new landfill...any ideas?

Need to keep rockin' on a Sunday morning...


Or kick back with some coffee and the Sunday paper...


Man Tom,

That is an excellent performance (Free - All Right Now) from 1970. If my math is correct Paul Kossoff was just 20 when this was filmed but he looks to be 30. Those were a hard 20. The bass player is tripping balls. I am surprises the bass player can stand up let alone play.

Agent Bart Probe checked into a room at the Germanically-themed Bayern Lodge for some recuperation after his adventures of two nights ago. It wasn’t a bad place, all things considered. Reminded him a little of his childhood home in Poland, when he’d been a boy in Lodz. His childhood memories were good, more or less, and he remembered more as time went by. And largely through the memories, he relaxed. It was peaceful here, in general, lulled by the howling sounds the wind made blowing through the groves of the local tree, the famous Baying Larch. He hoped he would soon meet the ER nurse, what was her name, Nurse Undie, or something. He remembered names, for the most part, but the trauma had befuddled him. If things worked out with her, he’d be ready. He was prepared for most things, on the whole, and had even got himself some counterfeit Viagra, which he looked at now, amused by the wrapper saying: “BUY! ENLARGE!”… to be hopefully discontinued…

I love these open threads. The eclectic mix of topical humor, music and diversity of perspectives is the perfect tonic to deal with social distancing and incarceration in our homes.

The egocentric narcissists that want to complain and control post content need to take it offline and/or start their own blogs. Hopefully the freedom of expression continues. Dave's humor is the best and his columns are must reads. Thanks Dave.

Nurse Undie? *SMACKS* The Real Barry.

@pharmaross: It's even better in acoustic.

I have to let pharmaross know beside four screens, a six processor (12 threads) 4.5 GHz 8086 Intel processor, 32 GBs Ram, two mics, a 100w Marshall amp, Fender Stratocaster, Paul Reed Smith, my system I listen to these songs on has options...

1. Multimedia setup including Creative SBX Pro Studio sound card with Bose speakers.

2. Flip of a switch. a 150w x 2 raw power amp with dual 12. in. 3 way speakers that really blasted the Lional Ritchey song down the street. Maybe 1/4 mile or so. The Marshall amp draws a crowd from like N.J.

marc - Free had a number of great songs on that album. Then of course Paul Rodgers was part of the Bad Company gig. You are right about the Bass player. I had never noticed until you brought to my attention.


Thanks for sharing Eagles on acoustic.

man tom

Quite the system you have. I get by with my Sonos Playbar, Sonos Wireless Subwoofer and Sonos One speakers. Just picked up a Somos Move for outdoor use. Highly recommend the Move.

The Sonos Move looks good to me, seperate bass speaker. I bet it sounds good. I have a more simplified, less powerful wireless speaker I use to place in a window or door at the office and yell at trespassers. I control it all from my desktop at home by remote desktop to my office. I have a wired speaker placed in an air hole in the roof on that system too. My speakers sound like this, "This is the police, your face is on camera and you are being recorded. You are trespassing and you need to get off the property now."

I test computer equipment for a large online Etailer. Then write reviews for them. Motherboards, Personal Cloud systems, Notebooks, Power Supplies, Hard Drives, Routers, just all kinds of State-of-the-art computer components. Over the holiday I tested a real nice ASUS notebook. Took that apart and upgraded all the components. Get to keep everything I test. The company offered me a cozy job a few years ago. I have a cozy job. But they still send me things to test. Using some of those things putting a computer together now during quarantine. I really didn't feel like unboxing the MB and CPU and building it, but this gives me something to do and I can take my time doing it.

Man Tom..

That is AWESOME! too bad you cannot record a gunshot set to punctuate your announcement! 'course then you would have to clean the feces from your yard :)

I utilized Billboard Magazine's website to identify the top 50 Rock songs of all-time and created a playlist. I went to watch a sunset at a Gulf of Mexico beach a couple of months back. I cranked up my Sonos Move with the classic playlist and attracted a crowd that was very complementary of my music choices and the great quality of sound from the speaker. It rocks!

Geoff - I have had cameras set up on that property for over 5 years. My security systems have changed a lot over the years. Probably a dozen years ago or so, I had a camera mounted in my driveway that recorded sound. So, the city streetlight at the top of the driveway had gone out and I noticed some broken glass laying around the sidewalk underneath the streetlight. It's a long look up to the top of the pole where the light is located. I thought I saw wher the covering had been shattered. I reviewed some recordings and noticed a guy walking by (I could not see directly under the light pole) and heard gunshots. So, I called police and they sent out a city utility truck. The utility guy used his lift to hoist himself up to the light and shouted down, "the light had not been shot out." I had heard some traffic noise on that camera mike that sounded like gunfire. The utility went ahead and put in a bulletproof covering on that light which is still there today. I had no idea the city had bulletproof street light covers.

In an unrelated incident on that very same camera, I recorded a guy with his hand down the pants of a willing young lady. One conversation with my neighbor several years ago went like this.

"There was some woman sleeping around your back door last night. I called police and they made her leave."

"Oh, I know who that was, she runs around here wearing no underwear."

You are probably asking yourself, man tom, "does this kind of thing go one all the time. for fifteen years you been doing this?"

So I did a quick search of my recording archives and came up with this shot from a few years ago.

That's my back door. The little lady is pulling her pants down probably to hide drugs or suggest to her male partner, this is going to be a night you will never forget.

We are in the center of Anaheim on one of the largest streets in orange Co. Close to Dizzyland and Angels stadium, just down the street from the main police station. The property value keeps going up. It's easy to see. each years we get moe classy people hanging around than the years before.

note - cameras there for 15 over years.

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