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April 26, 2020


Sale of defective parrot leads to B.C. lawsuit

(Thanks to Ralph)


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It should be common knowledge that it can be fatal for a parrot when it starts pining for the fjords.

Pining for the fjords? That parrot has snuffed it, mate.

Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue, idn'it ah? Beautiful plumage!

Should have been suspicious when it started saying "Polly want a water biscuit with a touch of Grey Poupon."

At least the parrot wasn't a Norwegian Blue. That would have been a giveaway.

I wonder if they have Norwegian Blue parrots on the NCL boats?

Is this what they mean "Error, a parrot?"

JG---That was a 5* G R O A N...
Good job.

JG - Not only was it a groan, it took about 2 minutes to get it. ^5

Defective Parrot, Government Mule and Federal Duck performed together on stage at Woodstock.

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