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April 26, 2020


...and the thread is open.


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Tap, tap, tap

Testing, testing. Is this thing on?

🎶 Feelings, nothing more than feelings....♬

There have been a lot of t.v. shows that have been revived or rebooted lately. Miami Vice left the air on May 21st, 1989. If Miami Vice was revived, how might 30 years of time impact Crockett and Tubbs? From the story lines, their love interests (Golden Girls?), their food and beverage choices, how age has impacted what they can or cannot do.

For example, I borrow from a post I made earlier today...

In the season opening comeback episode, Crockett & Tubbs stakeout a busy Miami diner popular with seniors and slap the cuffs on silver-haired scofflaws that double park after arriving en masse for the early bird meatloaf special. They then hit a waterfront en vogue juicebar and knock back some tall prunejuice cocktails while discussing their Medicare election options for the upcoming enrollment period.

The plot thickens, much like cholesterol reducing oatmeal left forgotten on the counter.

OR NOT??? Aging impacts all of us but approaching life's changes with a positive attitude can make a world of difference. By and large, there are very creative writers out there...


I've got all the time in the world on my hands and 6 episodes of Westworld to watch, not counting tonight's new one. Can anyone make me care about this show enough to watch? It's only season 3 and I have that Walking Dead feeling that made me back away slowly in season 4 or 5. Please, someone convince me it's worth it!!!

Caption contest.

man tom---Snidely Whiplash is being mean to Little Nell again.

Crockett and Tubbs investgate the theft of a crate of Viagra from a Miami harbor depot. They are now trying to track down hardened criminals who will undoubtedly receive stiff sentences.

Duncan Idaho, after fighting the Harkonnens, watch HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY (British version).

....and with the 9,531st pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Los Angeles Anaheim St. Louis Los Angeles Rams select QB Steve "Snots" Dristan of Lower Wacker Drive Technical Institute.


Learning to grow old gracefully from the man himself...


How about we exchange some of our favorite recipies. Here's my classic Hawaiian chicken dish It is sweet, savory, sticky and utterly scrumptious. It's called Huli Huli in Hawaii, which means turn, turn, turn.

Post one of yours. I'm hungry for those good things.

Mediterranean diet recommendations...


You know the song all Along the Watchtower becomes much more interesting and even enlightening if you realize when Dillon wrote the lyrics, when Dillon spoke of the 'Joker' with his mow immortal lyrics, He was referring to Jesus. Here is another song with some important immortal lyrics.

Thanks for the Dave video.

How to grill birds...


A good source of antioxidants...


Dave I think we do better when you give us some direction. That way we can do the exact opposite of what you've said!

A good source of vitamin C...


Use Splenda instead...


You know a little tar as well as tin is a good toxicdant.

Some recipes are healthier without sugar and you can substitute a taste of honey...


Pro fashion tip: If you wear a black virus mask and a pair of dark glasses with oversized frames, you will look like The Fly (the 1958 movie version). I would post a link to my friend's picture but she'd kill me.

Sometimes you can't avoid fast food...


Peter M -I laughed when I imagined a visual of your 'fly' impression. The same kind of laugh I get when I follow my wife when she is driving her car. I think, "where did she go? is a ghost driving that car?" One of those.

You should avoid processed meats like this one that contains carcinogenic nitrites...


Save these for Halloween...


The breakfast of champions...


A good suggestion from Roswell, New Mexico;
never leave home without a tinfoil hat, a garland of garlic and a mask.

Nothing insures safe social distancing like eating and wearing lots of garlic.

The economy is slowly taking the first steps on the way to getting back to normal. Some small firms are resuming their activity, but it’s not all going smoothly.
Yesterday many people were confused at the grand re-opening ceremony of a ribbon-repair business...

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