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April 24, 2020


A Minnesota man was arrested last night in Elkhart County after officials say he led Indiana State Police on a high speed pursuit because he thought they "wanted to race."

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My uncle always liked fast cars. In the late 1940’s, he put a Cadillac V-8 in a Studebaker. He’d blow by State Troopers and they’d chase him. The police couldn’t catch up to him and he never ticket because no self-respecting trooper would ever admit to being beat by a Studebaker.

I live about 1/2 mile north of the road where this happened. I wish they'd publicize these races so I could go watch.

Were they racing for "pinks"?

Some years ago, a friend was stopped by a cop for speeding. She drove for a while after his lights came on, and finally took an off-ramp and stopped. When he asked her why it took her so long to pull over, she replied that she thought he was after somebody else and was just trying to get to a ramp so she could get off the freeway and let him by.

She didn't get a ticket.

Wait, we're NOT supposed to race the police?

So, who won?

Not everyone gets " Minnesotan ".

Tip of the hat to Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen...

When I was stationed at Charleston Naval Base a shipmate, who had served in the 'nam on swift-boat, saved up his pay and bought Shelby 500, (blueprinted to 505HP),. HE would street race the 'locals for Pink Tickets and then sell the 'Pink back for fifty dollars.
The only car he wouldn't race was a '57 Chevy with two large velocity stacks on the hood.

I may have accidentally done this in my misspent youth.

I never got a chance to enjoy things like this back when I was young. My 1962 Volkswagen Bug wasn't a car anyone would race. The only other guy living in the college dorm who had a slower ride was Bob, who drove a yellow DKW three-cylinder two stroke. At least he drove it when it would start and run.

Inverse psychic: he reads the exact opposite of what people are thinking.

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