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April 27, 2020


Drink Camel Urine To Cure Coronavirus, Prophetic Medicine Man Says

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Mehdi Sabili who is also the chairman of prophetic medicine society treats himself to camel urine

I suspect he alone IS the prophetic medicine society.

And could Mr. Language Person loan the author of this story a few commas?

I don't anticipate a shortage due to unusually high demand. Toilet paper this ain't.

How did he come up with this 'cure'? Did he say to himself, "How can I protect mayslef? I know! Camel urine!"
Had he already worked through the more conventional urines?

Geezer Bus On.

I'd walk a mile for Camel Urine.

Geezer Bus off.

It works only by keeping other people away.

Consuming massive amounts of beans has the same effect.

NO! Cow urine works better (In India). And if that doesn't work, cow dung is the thing.

Steve-- Wasn't Cow Dung Flung a shawman before he mysteriously disappeared a while back?

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