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April 30, 2020


Man leaves for the market to buy vegetables but returns with bride

(Thanks to Ralph)


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A lot more fun than mashing his rutabaga.

This is why I always make out a shopping list.
No impulse buying for me, thanks

- Is there a one per customer limit?

- Are brides in the sugar and spice section?

Thank you...

Definitely walking down the wrong aisle.

The vegetables must have been really expensive for this to have been a better deal.

Must have had one helluva coupon.

They left out, "Returns with bride...and Covid-19!"

In Utah, they're waiting for the buy one, get one free deal.

Makes the chocolate cake treats that fell into my hand when picking up milk seem like not such a big deal

pharmaross--In Utah there used to be a monthly buy one bride and get a second one free day. I can't recall if rutabagas were involved or not.

The main street of Salt Lake City is supposedly very wide because Brigham Young wanted to walk down the street with all of his brides lined up beside him.

Apparently, Brigham Young also liked shopping for vegetables.

Yes, we have no ba-na-nas
But we have a nice girl for youuuuuuu...

I mean, I assume she can cook. Or at least make a nice salad.

markhh: the winnah!

Apparently they were out of magic beans.

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