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March 26, 2020


Old gas blob from Uranus found in vintage Voyager 2 data

(Thanks to Steve Partridge)


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Turns out it was just Blob Seger.

Old Gas Blob from Uranus opened for Manilow.

That explains that Voyager course change.

So do farts get better with age? People want to know?!!

Uranus is strobing!

Uranus farted in Voyager 2's general direction. Could this lead to France claiming Uranus?

No mention of the toilet paper supply for Uranus.

So Earth is not the only planet with Taco Tuesdays?

Prissy scientists call it a plasmoid, but they aren't fooling anyone.

To be honest, that pretty much describes how my stomach has felt all day.

With apologies to the Blog and the Blog's son, I nominate the headline writer of this article for a Pulitzer:

The Atmosphere of Uranus Is Literally Leaking Gas Into Space

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