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March 26, 2020


Neighbors use RC car to drive beer to each other to maintain social distancing

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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One of my neighbors is a wasted, drunken Iranian bar girl affectionately known as, Sheeba. I would be too nice to call her a crazed alcoholic who for years has been subjected to triple meds in an effort to sedate her enough to, "drop the knife" and stop calling police dispatch to order pizza. Myself, and everyone on the street for that matter, is in hopes a full scale RC type vehicle, preferable a Mack truck, runs over her in these times of hope that some measure of permanent social distancing take place.

Very cute if you ignore some of the "holier than thou" comments on the story. Has everyone lost their sense of humor?

Nice video of the lawn and the driveway. Oh, wait, you say there's a toy car there too?

man tom..."Iranian bar girl"? Boy, that's a description that conjures up all sorts of images.

As for your idea, probably any truck driver is easily bribe-able. They're so worn out these days that they'd likely welcome a fun job. Might not even cost you much.

It's all fun and games until tiny little DUIs are involved.

Garlic works better for distancing.

Damn, too late, but we could have saved St. Paddy’s Day with enough of those RC delivery cars. Forget ventilators, maybe Detroit can manufacture enough RC cars in time for Cinco de Mayo?

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