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March 22, 2020



Florida Man Charged With Stealing $1 Roll Of Toilet Paper Is Held On $5000 Bond

Man arrested for allegedly stealing 66 rolls of toilet paper from Orlando hotel

“Rush on toilet paper” at local store causes fight; police called

Toilet paper alternatives cause sewer problems

Make Your Own: Artisanal Toilet Paper

Bakery Special: TP Cake

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston, Ann, Ralph, Ranald Adams and pharmaross)


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Murder, theft, and rape, okay. Toilet paper theft? Get a rope!

Then you have the new hit single by Randy Travis, The Day you Left Me You Couldn't Wipe Your Ass.

The TP Cake made me wonder what the Cake Wrecks site has today for their "Sunday Sweets" (non-wrecky cakes) feature. Lo and be rolled!

At least they have toilet paper in jail. What? Single ply? Noooooooooooo!

Plant Mullein...

The leaves of common mullein have been used as lamp wicks as well as toilet paper. The leaves were once placed inside of shoes to provided both warmth and softness. The dried leaves on the long stalk have been used since the time of the Romans for torches (once they had been dipped into tallow). Legend states that such torches were used by witches or were used to repel witches, giving rise to one of its many common names of "hag taper."


In all these cases, police have nothing to go on. OK somebody used this a day ago. And the day before that. And the day.....

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