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March 19, 2020


NASA unsticks its Martian digging probe by whacking it with a shovel.

(Thanks to John Criswell and Ralph)


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So a digging probe can't dig itself out?

If you don't follow "Sarcastic Rover" on The Twitter, please consider doin so. It's almost as funny as this blog.

The aluminum foil on the antenna has improved data transmission too.

So to fix it, they had to "Science the sh@@" out of it.

What they don't realize is that the cousin of one of Le Petomane's neighbors just walked over and shook it loose.

Maybe a Martian Narwhal male - male tusked it?

Also works with recalcitrant politicians.

The Roswell space aliens said it was about time NASA listened to their advice. They claim whacking things with shovels has solved many problems in a number of solar systems.

When it doubt, whack it.
If it breaks, it wasn't any good anyways.

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