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March 29, 2020


Happy Groundhog Day everyone! We think it might be Sunday. There is no way to tell.


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I went out for a walk today. It started raining, so I came back inside. It stopped raining. I waited a half-hour. Went out again. Started raining again. Came back inside, it stopped raining. This #StayHome thing is serious.

Spring doth sprung, and no one has really noticed.

I heard a rumor that everyone's Easter baskets will contain toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

In addition, Pesach (Passover) celebrations will include the hiding of several rolls of t.p. The afikomen* will simply be eaten by the youngest celebrant.

*Look it up! 😁

Checking in from the Middle Coast - Most of the zombies are gone.

Day 12 in quarantine: My wife says something "bad" is going to happen if I don't change my "I've Got You babe" ringtone.

i am over at the office this afternoon working. For most of the day I am here trying to convince an annoying bird to not build a nest and stop blocking my driveway camera while still in his planning stages. I am also carefully monitoring the situation, while keeping a safe social distance from any type of sunlit areas and feel especially good about my progress in lip syncing happy birthday two times in succession while holed up here in the war room. If you notice the many blue folder charts in the sliding file apparatus in the back, I have taken every x-ray on those people they have had in their life since birth. There are three times that many charts in the back room. If I put a picture of me in the photo you would immediately recognize me by the 'glow' emanating from my head.

If anyone has a link pertaining to the illustrated online manual of the printer against the back wall on the sitting on top of the white cabinet, please send a link. I'm having trouble finding the 'on' button.

Be safe everyone.

man tom: try moth balls.

Here in Geezer Acres we had a nice Ground Hog party at the clubhouse. Everyone observed correct social distancing (except in emergencies such as having to pick someone off the floor and helped back on a bar stool)
The topic of conversation was discussing what the aliens are up to. Lots of strange lights in the sky. Oh well, they generally come around with a few bottles of tequila (they are now calling it stasis juice) so no worries. All told it was a good day for all, save the hog that was ground into some great chorizo.
Stay sane. We may not be able to manage that.

I got you, babe.

I hope everyone celebrated Groundhog day by eating pork sausage.

After all, that's what pork sausage is--Ground Hog.

I am drinking vodka quarantini and watching curling reruns from 2018. Life is good.

MOTW - sounds like an excellent idea. I have none. maybe I will get some and try if the bird persists. Right now I believe He has got the message. Just as I write He's back!

There are also an assortment of stray alley cats in the back lot. I would never hurt the cats and have fed them on occasion until the woman living across the way who houses them put up a sign asking to not fed the cats. Her neighbor reported her for housing the cats and she was fined and told to get rid of them. She cried when I told her one of the cats was hit by a car. Part of her crying was due to the fact she could not pay the fine and was afraid the city would take her house. She is close to 100 years old and so is her 'good' neighbor, Dora. The man who owned the building next door until recently was 93 or 94 years old and still working.

Thanks again - We have an assortment of raccoons, coyotes, opossums and a lot of homeless people. I did sprinkle some red and black pepper outside my back door to chase the cats from the idea laying enormous turds out there would somehow make me like them.

It's funny - we have a second office and the bird, different bird from the one we are planning to moth ball the hell out of, sits atop a metal box on top of the front and lets loose on the area right in front of the door where people walk in. My wife called the property manager to ask if He could come over and remove the metal box. The conversation went something like this.

"We have a bird sitting on a box above our door making a mess in front of the door where people enter the office, can you send someone to remove the box?"

"Bird? Is you pipe still leak?"

"No, it's a bird like a flying bird."

"The man no fix the leak, He fly?"

"Do you have someone you can send and do not send that guy who came here to fx the leak. It cost me several hundred dollars to fix the hole He made in the wall And stop making that noise when you speak."

So we are on our own if we need any kind of assistance with anything at that office. We don't dare contact then for fear of them remembering us and sending the idiot who broke the drain pipe off inside the wall under the sink then left saying, "i no know how to fix, get a plumber."

Got the following from my cousin. Hope it helps.

I just heard a doctor on TV say that to help cope with self isolation we must have inner peace and then we would have more calm in our lives.In order to achieve this he said that we should always finish things that we start.Well, I looked through my house to find things that I started and hadn’t finished; so, I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Jamesons Irish whisky, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of sum, tha maindeer of mi Valiumum scriptuns an a bux of choceltz. Ya hag no idea how fecking fabulous I feel,rite now. Send this to all your frends who need inner piss , an telum  you Lub um

P.S. I Leb you al.

The best way to achieve social distancing is to bring bagpipes and play them. Deli counter at the grocery store? Play 'em.

It's Sunday, because I'm wearing my blue pajamas. I have a different pair for every day of the week.

As a new ringtone, allow me to suggest Seals and Crofts' "We May Never Pass This Way Again."

I'm hoping that's the case, anyway.

Snowman--The Roswell aliens say they lube you, too and urge you to remember three words that you might need very shorty:

I went out in the PirateMobile, and sat in the sun for three wonderful hours. After not going outside for the past 11 days, it felt like spring break, minus the crowds.

I came home and celebrated with a prolonged nap.

It was a Good Day.

I can't sleep.

@ Man Tom -
Try here:


Coming up with tasks to complete each day to get me moving. With the Real ID, I had to either figure out where my birth certificate went or order a new one. Done

Send a note to the doctor about switching meds because the insurance formulary changed. Done.

Replace the roof after storm damage. Done.**

For before 7:30 am, that's a pretty impressive start.

** Roofers showed up at 6:45. I'm not up on the roof. I was asked to not try to help this time.

Well, well, well, it's good to see this blog is going strong, with lots of new faces chiming in along with the stalwarts. I've kept away for a couple of years now, for reasons I can't even remember. And while this amounted to a pioneering, if inadvertent, form of social distancing, it seems a little bit off from what the health authorities have in mind for all of us nowadays.

But it means a great deal of catching up is at my disposal for when I reach the end of the rest of the internet.

I got busy and cleaned my gutters from the fall leaf accumulation. I’d like to think I was proactive this year, but noticed a green plant visible just above the top of the gutter. Last year, it was the pecking of a bird on the metal gutter that got my attention, so I must be getting better about cleaning them. Maybe addressing the problem in the fall this year will be a better course of action.

Actually, cleaning the gutters and washing the exterior of the windows got me out of watching the Tiger King marathon. Of course, you could watch a bad movie in your spare time.

I enjoyed yesterday with Bacardi and OJ. Watched an old golf tournament and embraced the benign indifference of the universe. Oh and I made some bread.

Hi, MtB!

Welcome back, Mr. The Blue!

ImNotDave - I have used that link in the past. A large online retailer sends me computer equipment for review. I write the review, I keep the equipment. The company offered me a cozy job as a reviewer which was hard to turn down. I reviewed a very nice HP multi function printer a couple of years ago and use it often. I remember writing the review, I mentioned the LED control panel was at a bad angle and people working in the office would have to bend over it to see the 'on' button, copy, etc. Then I noticed someone wrote in their review how much they liked the LED control panel because of the way you could tilt it outward and it how easy it was to see and use.

Nice to see you again Meanie the Blue. I watched a Harry Potter marathon this weekend. All weekend! When it was finally over I thought about how nice it would be to have a wand. Just point it at something and it does whatever you want! Sort of like my TV remote which hasn't been out of my hands in days. MOTW, you should have called me. I was awake until about 5 a.m.

I have been on a deserted island for the past few months. Is something going on?

Meanie is back... About time!


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