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March 25, 2020


"I'm telling you it is not going good."

(Thanks to Kevin Meerschaert)


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You are on your own with the times tables and what is this 'long division' stuff?

Another report just in from a home-schooling site:

"Things are not going well. We've had to suspend two students for fighting. And we've had to fire a teacher for drinking on the job."

As a matter of fact, Minecraft IS EDUCATIONAL

I offered to help with my youngest, but apparently universities really don't like parent teaching efforts

Many years ago after being laid off, I worked as a substitute teacher, mostly in the high schools. I went to a chemistry class, and the teacher had left a bunch of stoichiometry problems for the students to work. Their glee at having a sub disappeared as I worked a couple of the problems on the board, and they realized I knew the subject matter. I'll never forget the looks on their faces.

@Rod - That there is just plain cheating!

We had one substitute in junior high* who "taught" English, math, science and music. She was qualified for none of the above, as her teaching certificate was actually in Phys. Ed. (You gotta love the L.A. Unified School District, circa 1973.)

*Geezer alert

klezmerphan, I was a then-out-of-work biologist, and did math and science classes mostly. I actually became the first-call sub for science and math teachers at all the schools when they needed a sub. I did some classes so many times they got pretty used to me.

I had fun with them, too. Like the environmental science class I threw the mulching lawn mower conundrum at (landfills not filling up with grass clippings vs. more gasoline use and more pollution from the mulching mowers). They were still talking about that one the next day.

Rod Nunley---You brought up fun memories of when a substitute high school chemistry teacher showed us what we could make using just sulfur, charcoal and some potassium nitrate (salt peter).

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