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March 19, 2020



(Thanks to Roberto)


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Accordion to who?

I would limit purchases to AT MOST two per family even in a more tranquil national environment....

Funny ! And kudos to Dorkfish.....really, really, bad.

Someone once said. " a gentleman is someone who knows how to play the accordion and doesn't."

Great bumper sticker: "I play the accordion and I vote."

You can't play "Lady of Spain" at a family gathering with just 2 accordions.

They're limiting monkeys and dark glasses too, I hear.


Hey, right under the sign is a genuine Scarlatti Bosso. He was a pretty decent composer, although he was baroque all the time...

@fractalist...Didn't Scarlatti Bosso pioneer polka punk?

Cheesewiz: Your quote is from Tom Waits. Ironically, he chooses to sing, though nonetheless, I believe he's a gentleman, and certainly one with a creative mind.

Notice that they do appear to still have quite a few in stock.

Klingon opera played on an accordion is a true delight

Bagpipes are still available for hoarding.

Thank you wanderer. I was praying that there were no limits on bagpipes.

The sign is an homage to Lawrence Welk, who used to frequent his boyhood accordion store in North Dakota by exclaiming, "I'll have a-one an' a-two!"

Now I must depart, for I fear I will miss the day's last geezer bus....

Evey time I see an accordion I am reminded of the Far Side cartoon about the afterlife.

"Welcome to Heaven, here's your harp."

"Welcome to Hell, here's your accordion."

Paging Weird Al!

I hear my wife plays the accordion.

Where are these for sale. I actually DO need a new accordion !!

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