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March 24, 2020


Peeps manufacturer shutting down production amid coronavirus outbreak

(Thanks to Sandi K)


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I hope they have enough for the Peeps Diorama Contest.

I'm shocked! You mean to tell me they make new Peeps every year?

- NC - Now I'm worried, what to they do with the old Peeps?

It takes years to age Peeps into a choice state of chewy goodness. We have time.

The problem is in three years from now when the Peeps will have aged to perfection

The shortage is coming

I was banned from the Peeps Diorama Contest. I misread the directions and submitted a Peeps Show.

O the humanity!

Time to hoard Peeps and leave the toilet paper to us.

Those things are almost indestructible. The existing stock can last until the next pandemic.

The Dollar Stores in China stock these next to the fake cookies near the strong rubber smelling floor mats and non working electronic items.

I'd better start hoarding circus peanuts.

No problem here. We'll just take Grandma's ole supply out of the Closet like we always do. They're just fine because no ever eats those things....do they?

Or maybe it's only here in Roswell, New Mexico where Peeps are self-replicating.

Actually, I did think things could get worse. And will.

Oh, no! Next you'll be telling me that they are shutting down the fruitcake bakeries.

I thought you just put on in dark place with a glass of rum and it would replicate itself.

When I saw Dave's headline, I thought production was starting back UP!

Peeps and a Z-pack show promise against the coronavirus in preliminary studies.

Kellogg’s Peeps Marshmallow Flavored Cereal With Marshmallows


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