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March 31, 2020


And you know what that means...

Neither do we! But feel free to comment.


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For this Tuesday, it means tomorrow is April Fools Day.

Things are quiet here in Flathead County. Too quiet, actually. Some of us have started writing bad Hemingway just for fun. Bloggers are invited and encouraged to jump in.

"Rocky point is a bird poop covered granite hill 197 feet high and is considered the highest point on Flathead Lake. The Flathead Indians called it "monster view" since it is the safest place on the lake to observe the lake monster. Close to the Western summit are the dried and frozen remains of a vacuum cleaner salesman. No one has been able to explain why a vacuum cleaner salesman was trying to sell a Hoover at that elevation."

It's interesting gathering insight about the bloggers in recent days. If any of you have youtube videos of yourself doing stuff, please post the link. Along those same lines, any photographs you have of yourself from the waist down would be fun letting all of us guess who you are, so post them.

If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium."

I'll just go back to mumbling alongside the geezer bus now.

man tom,

Not a chance!

After my radical prostatectomy... well, you've heard what happens.

Like a frightened turtle!

" Nick was cold. He was down to his last fly and nothing to show for the earlier bugs. The water lapped his boat which was stuck in the weeds. Not a good place to drop anchor. His cast was far and strong. Fish respected strong casts. He would tame Flathead lake and its fish.....or die trying."

Just had a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Idaho. I can't believe I'm saying this but it was a nice distraction from the monotony of self-isolation!

Jeff, get well!

nursecindy, you do NOT regret quitting smoking. Repeat saying that as necessary.

Mrs. wanderer and I went out for dinner for the first time in weeks! I drove to the restaurant, and she ran in and picked up the carry-out. Please tip your restaurant staff, folks.

they closed our HOA pool today at 5pm because the Arizona governor has now told everybody they have to stay home, although somehow he decided that golf is essential so the golf courses get to stay open. A far greater deterrent to civil disobedience than a new lock on the pool gate--for me anyway--is the fact that they are turning off the heater for the pool and spa. So fairly grim here right now.

FC Frank: To me, all Hemingway is bad Hemingway, except for the late (and cute!) Margaux.

I once read _The Old Man and the Sea_. He didn't kill it. The fish died from boredom.

There was very little social distancing at Woodstock. But if you watch that movie, you can hear Santana practicing social distancing when He tells Joan Biaz, "Get the Ef away from me with that love and peace s$@t."

PirateBoy, that's my opinion of Mr. E. Hemingway, too. He was a talentless hack who had a relentless agent.

Garbage to the curb night!

Don’t forget for whom the bell tolls,
it tolls for theeeee.
At least if you set your cell to old bell sound.

Is anyone reading Franz Kafka's work now, or actually living it?

@pharmaross---My sympathies on the radical prostatectomy, I had one of those a while back. Tomorrow I go to the urologist to have my new artificial sphincter activated. I hope it works. If you wish, I'll let you know.

If Stephen King wrote bad Hemingway...

It waits.
From his viewpoint on poop covered Rocky Point, Nick Adams studied the black patches of old blood intermixed with rivulets of fresher red blood that laced down the rugged cliff to Flathead Lake. It had to be stopped. Nick knew what he was up against. He held the new weapon close to his body as a mother cradles her newborn.
It was coming. Nick could see the red malevolent eyes drawing close from the dark lake waters. Closer, closer---
The second it's ugly green scaled head appeared, Nick pulled his weapon with a steady hand. His aim had to be true and his focus clear as fresh ice. He aimed between those evil red eyes and pulled the trigger...

Le Pet

Between your bad Hemingway writing (which is actually quite good) and medical aptitude activating an artificial sphincter, you are obviously very proficient with semi-colons!

Best wishes for a positive outcome.

I am still trying to practice social distancing, but it is very hard to keep six feet away from myself. Exactly how is this supposed to work, again? Apparently others are also confused, judging by the fact that the Governor of Virginia just locked down the state until June after the beaches were packed.

No such problem here. It snowed last night. Then it warmed up to a balmy 48° and it all melted. The bugs and ticks will be out soon.

We now return you to our usual plagues: West Nile Disease, Lyme Disease, etc.

Le Petomane: Even if Nick killed that mosquito, there are plenty more.

Thank goodness my local supermarkets delivers. Otherwise I'd have to get used to eating corn flakes with tap water instead of milk. Delivery is 10 bucks and the "recommended" tip is 5 bucks. Customers are encouraged to increase the tip. When they deliver what I ordered I'll think about it. Remember when you run out of hand sanitizer that laundry bleach or New Coke can be used to kill anything. When I was in grade school and misbehaved my teacher would make me sit in the corner until the end of class. Now I have to stay in my house until at least the end of April. What did I do to deserve this?

TSW: well, for one thing, you whisper to squirrels! That ain't good 'round these blog parts.

In D/FW, 'tis the time for 'mosquito hawks,' which are actually crane flies and they do not eat mosquitoes. These bumbling daddy-long-legs-with-wings will get flushed out of the garden with every step. My cats will take flying leaps at the sliding glass patio door to bat at them.

I'm from three months in the future. I've gone back in time to say one thing: Wear masks, people!

Don't make the same errors we did as a country after Memorial Day.

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