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March 25, 2020


It should be this.

(Please explain, if you can, how the hell he did this.)


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Rube Goldberg of modern times. I saw his other videos, top left corner shows his website I think.

Dave, he is a genius. And probably related to Charlie Chaplain, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd.

Joseph's machines. He has a webpage and lots of videos on Youtube, and a Wikipedia entry.

In normal times, the white funny farm truck would already be en route to this guy's house.

Rube Goldberg lives again!

I love this guy! He has a You Tube channel with ALL his stuff.


I'm not sure how he did it but, if he tried this at my dinner table I'd tell him to quit playing with his food or else!

Dominoes are for wimps.

I couldn't afford to have my MacBook go sliding onto the floor like that, even if it was to get dessert. Plus, how did he program the baby to do what he did?

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