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March 25, 2020


Man charged after breaking into parent’s home, stealing meatballs

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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They should drop the charges solely because he didn't steal their toilet paper.

Calling Mr. Language Person:

He broke into "his parent's home" while "they" were in Florida?

I presume that should have read “while it was in Florida.”

Rod Nunley--Stealing meatballs is bad enough, but toilet paper?
Isn't stealing toilet paper a hanging offense in Texas these days?

Knapp Knabbed. The 43 year-old's relationship with his knparents reaches a knew knlow. Knapp remains Knsilent asking for a knlawyer.

When his parent[s] got home, he had moved back into their basement.

This "kid" needs some home schooling, IYKWIM.

Please open your baskets. There are:

- Frozen Meatballs
- Chocolate Chips

You have 30 minutes. Time starts now!

Was that meatballs with chocolate chips?
And were they 'Italian' or 'Homestyle' frozen meatballs?

Le Pet, the difficulty of keeping ammo in stock suggests that people aren't bothering with hangings.

Michael Knepp ==>
Help pick name
Cheap milk pen
Happen lick 'em
Ha, neck pimple
Ample henpick

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