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March 30, 2020


Scientist Gets Magnets Stuck Up Nose While Inventing Necklace to Stop People Touching Their Faces

(Thanks to Caren Lobo, Andrew Simmons, pharmaross, Jan in Grimsby, The Perts and Larry Martell)


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Fashion designers, take note.

I was just about to submit this story. How could you read "Scientist Gets Magnets Stuck Up Nose" and NOT think of Dave Barry?

Alternative headline:

"Scientist discovers secret to having a magnetic personality.'

It's a good thing he didn't walk too close to the refrigerator. She may have had to call the Fire Department to unstick him.
When I read stories like this I really miss working in the ER.

The No-Touch Necklace is working perfectly!

This should be a Far Side cartoon:

"Daniel suddenly realized his use of magnets would never impress women."

So this guy really thought that an alarm would stop you from scratching your nose when it itched?

By the way, one way to gauge how tough you are: when you're all gloved up working with radiochemicals, and your nose itches. Yes, I've had that experience, and somehow lived to tell about it.


Hello, I must be Glowing? <- Not a Phil Collins album.

Strange attractor?

(And my Mac's spell check doesn't trust the word "attractor" It's a perfectly cromulent word!

"Farmer Jeb got himself attractor yesterday."

PB: in that example, the correct spelling would be 'hisself'.

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