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March 27, 2020


How is everyone doing? Here at the blog we are doing fine except for the fact that WE ARE GOING INSANE.

Speaking of which: If you have Netflix, and you are in the tiny group of people who have not yet checked out Tiger King, give it a look. However weird you think weird is, the people in this documentary are weirder. It goes without saying that Florida is involved.

If you have Hulu, you might like What We Do In The Shadows, which is a sitcom about vampires on Staten Island. This blog thinks it's hilarious. This blog's wife and daughter are not so sure. One of the episodes features the most wonderful vampire-werewolf battle in the history of vampire-werewolf battles.

Feel free to suggest other shows/movies/books/narcotics in the comments.


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Thought I'd do something nice for a friend and family, so I swung by a grocery store to pick up a cherry pie to drop off with them. I had to leave it on the front porch, as they were afraid to open the door. I hadn't dressed as the grim reaper, though I felt like they'd suddenly come to see me that way. I guess the stress is fraying some people's nerves more than I would have imagined.

Jim -- I guess this would not be a good time to go around in an actual Grim Reaper costume.

Don't let this virus drive you crazy.

Especially when it's within walking distance.

We had our second grocery delivery yesterday, decent substitutions for items they didn't have, except STILL NO CHEERIOS!

Our family has watched "... Shadows" about a dozen times. Showing it to your friends is a good barometer for determining how close they are to your warped sense of humor.
Coincidentally, my daughter just introduced us to "Tiger King" last night, and we can't stop watching. It's like the proverbial train wreck.

I just finished streaming "She" on Netflix, A Hindi police procedural. I would not watch it with the kiddies. Oh BTW it does have English language and English subtitles. *****

If you have HULU, they have acquired FX shows, Check out Stumptown, Devs and others. IF you decide to subscribe I suggest you pay a little more go the AD free route.

I'd like to see this sign in a grocery store:

"Tuesday is Soylent Green Day."

"Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood's "Two Man Show" have been fun.

I began my assault yearly task of cleaning out the flower beds yesterday. I have a large rosemary in the center of a bed and it was behaving badly. I sent a text to my neighbors to see who wanted some fresh rosemary because I feel bad having to throw away so much. I was able to deliver it to their front porches.

I had forgotten that they turned the Shadows movie into a series as well - will have to check that out. The Expanse is a great series if you are into sci-fi. That is on Amazon (I think?)

Just finished re-watching Big Mouth (3 seasons.) Relive the raging hormones, sexual awakening and social awkwardness of middle school. 7th grade was never funnier.

How do I know it was like that for you too? Well, you're thinking about it; we're talking about it. So there it is.

Great theme song - Changes - performed by the late singer Charles Bradley. (The song Changes was written by Black Sabbath, appeared on their 1972 album, Vol. 4. Really, you can Joogle it!)

Been trying to spend more time outside tending the Meyer lemon tree, our three pepper plants, and a squash plant. The lemon tree flowered early and we will hope lemons show up and develop over the next few months. So eventually we’ll have some lemons and peppers to eat if we still can’t get oat bran.

I have been dreaming a lot. Like this morning I woke up from a dream that found me catching my wife eating a bowl of noodles at Grub Hub. I was with her friend, not sure which one, who took me to have lunch to this really great restaurant - Grub Hub. So I woke up and went to my wife's office room and she was there watching online continuing education webinars about Coronavirus. If any of you want updates on Covid-19 statistics, I dream about statistics, like, "when will the virus reach Mars and what effect will it have on that planet's social distance from earth?"

I wish I could suggest some reading/viewing material. Thank you all for the suggestions. May I suggest some ACDC. Other than some easy listening I am just sitting here at my computer most of the day watching what Sheeba, the drunken, triple-meded Iranian bar girl next door, will do next. The other day she busted out the large front window of the house next door. The old man, Ayotollah, she lives with had a company come out and board up the front of his house. Sheeba had one of those devices you have to blow into in order to start the car attached to the beaten-to-a-pulp mustang she had. We installed a spiked iron fence in front of our front door just in case she gets bored, comes over, rings the doorbell, hides down low against the door out of sight, then rushes in the house when we open the door. So, I'm good.

Boy man tom, you've got reality show material in your neighborhood. Good Luck !

Feel free to suggest other shows/movies/books/narcotics in the comments?

I found a strange looking frog in my backyard. I am going to lick it and I will submit my report and recommendations later.

Today I went to the liquor store and called inside from the parking lot. The nice man, wearing gloves, brought a case of wine out to my car. I'm pretty happy with these new services that are springing up everywhere.

MOTW -- just go ahead and plant it in an area that gets the right amount of sun. I'm sure your neighbors will thank you.

I'm looking at getting a decent sized tree. Calling the utility people so we know where the roots won't interfere. It was a rough year before the Shelter in Place. With the kids old enough, it might have a chance to grow.

I have been re-watching "Grimm" on Amazon Prime because it has some of the best writing and the most incredible special effects makeup ever put into a non-cable television show. Monroe and Rosalee (Monalee, or Rosaroe?) are hands down my favorite characters.

We have a future episode of Live Rescue! in the making. This all really surreal. Years ago Ayotollah would lock her out then call police after hurling each other against the walls didn't solve the problems with their relationships. Police, fire paramedics and ambulance would show up, Sheeba would fake a heart attack and be transported by ambulance to the mental hospital. So, after years and maybe 30 episodes of multiple police cruiser, fire paramedics and ambulance parked out front responding to their relationship issues, Ayotollah was warned He would be charged with domestic abuse if this continued. So, move to more recent times. When Sheeba goes apes@@t, Ayotollah calls 911 and says, "she is having a "SEIZURE". If you have never seen a drunken Iranian bar girl on triple meds have a "seizure' you have seen nothing.

About a year ago, we were awakened by a knock on the door around midnight after just having fallen asleep. It was these guys. One of the officers said, "the are reports of a woman screaming in your house." I said, "it's the woman next door, she screams like a wounded animal all the time." One officer wasn't so sure, but did stop short of pulling his weapon, cuffing me and entering my house with flashlight and gun drawn and beginning to shout, "Police, anybody in here, is everyone all right!" About that time Sheeba showed up standing in her driveway. I said, "there she is right there, she screams like that all the time." The officers had pulled her over chasing her into driveway lights flashing earlier that night and knew who she was. Move ahead about week later. A Captain called me from the police department about 'the complaint' I had filed. The Cap said boy she can really scream loud! After the officers approached in her driveway that night she said something about, "get off my property and started screaming REALLY LOUD." So, the next day my wife and I drive in the driveway and park We hear her screaming at the top of her lungs like a wounded animal inside her house. I call police and tell them they better hurry she sounds in distress, like a wild animal. A couple of officers show up and one goes over and goes into the house and talks to her. The officer comes back to me ouside my door and says to me, "she is just screaming inside her own house, she can scream all she wants inside her house!" OMG! We had a spiked iron fence put up in front of door a few months later. You would not believe it if I told you the REALLY idiotic things this woman has done over the years. At the moment, Ayotollah has taken the car keys from her for busting out his window. Hard to believe He sometimes lets her drive. She was so drunk when she busted it out the other day, I didn't recognize her. She looked like Grim Reaper, not exaggerating at all, had the black hoodie pulled up over her head staggering around and actually slobbering words toward me out in the yard. She was slobbering drunk and drugged. The whole thing is surreal. Police do nothing except to haul her off tom the mental hospital every few weeks. She is beyond disgusting to say the least.

The USA Network is showing all of the Harry Potter movies if anyone is interested.

LeDud - I can't spend a lot of time dwelling on the situation at home. I spend the bulk of my time fighting with the Chimp street gangs over at the office.

I'm going to start watching The Walking Dead again, and take notes.

nuresecindy, Mrs. wanderer has all of Harry Potter on two sets of DVDs (original and special edition releases) *and* books *and* recorded on DVR *and* she still watches it as broadcast. It never ends in our home.

Whose Line Is It Anyway is usually great, but it has to be the episodes hosted by Clive Anderson or Drew Carey. Aisha Tyler has no chemistry at all with the performers. I also pass on most of the musical skits and anything involving audience participation. Not to be missed are pretty much any other skits with Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles going at each other.

I haven't figured out the streaming thing and still watch older TV programs from DVDs. I'm rewatching all my Twilight Zone (original and 1985 revival), Barney Miller, and Hogan's Heroes collections. I also recommend the 1984-1994 Granada Television productions of Sherlock Holmes adaptations, starring Jeremy Brett in the title role (he is the definitive Holmes, in my opinion).

I can work at home maybe 50% of the time; I still go into the office a lot. Very strange seeing the roads so empty. Work stress over the past year has led to my really packing on the pounds, and now that the temperatures are above freezing I should start taking up some walking and bicycling.

Thanks to all of you for providing a refuge of sanity during all this.

Well man tom I feel for you. There are ALOT of people with LOTS of issues out there. (nuts) Living next to one has to be a burden. One senses that something tragic is gonna happen with that "cute couple". Again, good luck !

try the movie "Brazil" a little strange but getting closer to reality every year.

One of my favorite Chinese films is To Live, which was banned in China for casting the Party in a negative light.  Go figure.  If you don't mind subtitles, it's well worth a view.

We're finally getting around to watching the second season of the "Lost in Space" remake, which has been great.

Look up "TaskMaster" on YouTube. They've posted full episodes, and they're a lot of fun. They're are currently running a series of "#HomeTasking" tasks that everyone can participate in.

The original " The Blob " with Steve McQueen seems appropriate for the times.

Decider has up to date free streaming options:

There is a Netflix series called "The Witcher", a fantasy about a monster hunter. Got very good reviews. Based on books by Andrzej Sapkowski. Also a ver popular as a video game. I'm not into fantasy shows and books, but this is action packed and entertaining.

Any movie with Simon Pegg, especially The World's End.

I highly recommend "The Santa Clarita Diet", although a show about people eating other people may not be to everyone's taste. But Timothy Olyphant!

Tiger King proves that we Okies can hold our own with Florida Men in quality, if not in quantity.

Curling up to binge watch “Joanie Loves Chachi” reruns.

“The Terrot of Tiny Town” The 1938 classic western featuring a cast of little people riding Shetland ponies. Now showing on Amazon Prime...

With selected tall subjects....

You’re welcome!

I missed yesterday totally, being sick as a pretty sick dog, with a stomach flu. Not fun.

Let me second Dave's recommendation for the wonderfully fun What We Do in the Shadows, which is returning for a second season April 15 on FX. My wife is not a fan either.

Tiger King stirs up not so fond memories or rural Oklahoma. But its an entertaining show.

I really enjoyed "College Behind Bars," which you can view on the PBS website. It'll only take up 4 hours of your time, though.

Make sure you watch the original What We Do In The Shadows movie from New Zealand.

Hope y'all who are watching/have watched Tiger King have checked out the Disney Lion King trailer for the show :-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK4Y9QE-BSg

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