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March 18, 2020


Mom, daughter sold body parts from funeral home without families’ consent, CO cops say

(Thanks to Barry Nester, who says "Two heads are better than one… Lend me a hand…Stop rolling your eyes…He gave me the finger… Keep your nose out of this…the jokes write themselves!")


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Billy Bob and his wife Tammy Mae had boy twins. They decided to name them both Ed, because two Eds is better than one.

Oh, that tickled my funny bone.

If you guys don't stop with this stuff, heads will roll.

Their establishment was large - they had lots of elbow room

JG, it sounds like they had AN elbow room.

Now we know where Igor got Abby Normal's brain.

They really went out on a limb when they substituted concrete.

Their lawyer says they don't have a leg to stand on!

Why sort of vehicle did they use for deliveries? A toe truck. Sorry, this is getting less funny than a pandemic virus.

If someone asked them to lend them an ear, did they charge interest until it was returned?

When they were arrested, they were taken a-back. But it was a wrist they were willing to take.

Also, great anatomy joke:
Q: What human body part is long, hard, bendable, most useful when erect, and contains the letters p,n,e,s,i?
A: Your spine.

Put a left foot in, put a left foot out....

Should have kept an ear to the ground.

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