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March 19, 2020


Female narwhals attracted to males with biggest horns, study finds

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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So the tuba players get laid before the trumpeters...?

Funny how things work sometimes. Human females would never consider the guy with one monstrously oversized tooth to be the sexiest around. I'd bet many here have seen proof of this in a bar at some point.

Sexy is as sexy does.

I had someone anonymously gift me a toy called The Avenging Narwhal when I was a TSA minion. It was a terribly antisocial concept. It did kind of go with my Angry Mob Play Set. I displayed both proudly in my cubicle. TSA was not a happy place to work.

Oh, and I think I'll skip any party where male - male tusking is expected. NTTAWWT. Just not my scene.

Human males over the age of 50 drive Corvettes which is sort of the same thing being done for the same reason.

The Post headline writer is confused. Only Bovids (cows, sheep, goats, antelopes, etc.) have horns, which are made of bone with a keratin sheath. Narwhals have tusks, which are modified teeth. Neither is like antlers, which are shed, except of course in Alabama, where the Tuscaloosa.

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