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March 18, 2020


Dr. Oz says couples should have sex while quarantining

(Thanks to pharmaross)

Don't drink bleach to prevent coronavirus, poison control center warns

(Thanks to Dave N.)


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Are Tide pods an acceptible solution for bleach?

I'm gonna try the old "Honey, it's SCIENCE" ploy one more time.

This is a tough one because normally I wouldn't trust Dr. Oz to take my temperature.

Dr. Oz failed to mention before having sex to combat the isolated feelings brought on with social distancing, both you and your partner should rinse your mouths with Hydrogen Peroxide which kills the Cvirus. Smoking a cigarette afterward, an excellent alternative to drinking bleach, is a good choice toward promoting a long lasting relationship.

Watched the American Experience documentary Influenza 1918 last week. Aside from the mortality rate of that one, the similarities are eerie. Some people tried to make their own "medicine" back then too.

Drinking bleach will absolutely keep you from getting the corona virus. The secret is to drink a LOT of bleach.

Did Dr. Oz say I have to sing "Happy Birthday" twice during sex?

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