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March 19, 2020


Man breaks into Jacksonville church, steals hand sanitizer

(Thanks to Kevin Meerschaert)


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404 not found.

I've googled and I can't find it.

- Suzie Q - They say GOD works in mysterious ways.

Instead of firing Judi, we'll dock her a dozen rolls of toilet paper.

The Commandment is a little vague.

Will the police get him to confess by asking him to come clean?

No use handwringing over the loss.

- wanderer2575 - That could get messy.

Considering the fact that he can't be found on the Internet, I would conclude both him and his hand sanitizer has made a clean getaway.


Because of the epidemic we spend more money on sanitizers, but because of "social distancing" we don't need to buy any deodorants of perfumes, so the expenses stay even.

Clickable linky.

Well, we know where he’s gonna end up.

Did the police wrestle him to the ground, like the dancers at that drive-through strip club, covered in hand sanitizer?

BTW and not funny: The Governor of California just ordered all 40 million of us to shelter-in-Place.

The local branch of the library was opened for voting on Tuesday. The library manager said they had trouble with people stealing the rolls from the bathroom stalls.

Stealing from a church is pretty low

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