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March 27, 2020


People are cutting their own hair during lockdown - and it's not going well

Related: Hairdresser cuts holes in umbrella for arms and eyes as barrier between clients

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Someday we'll all look back on this and laugh.

I wish I'd read this before I cut my bangs this morning.

Consult the experts.

Could home haircuts lead to panic buying of basebal caps?

Ever since a barber cut off more than I wanted in 1969, I've been cutting my own hair, It's not that hard if you keep things simple — no rock star styles, Just take it easy with the scissors and use a trim razor. And the money you save can buy a lot of beer, or whatever.

Count me with Ralph. When the barbers in my college town raised their rates to 2 dollars a head, I got a pair of scissors and a hand-held mirror. (In 1969, also, coincidentally.)

In those days, of course, shaggy manes of hair were the vogue in colleges, so it was easy.

I did get a "professional" haircut once after that, from a "barber" in the Army. Or maybe it was a butcher. I couldn't testify either way.

Later, I got a hair trimmer (self-sharpening, made by Wahl, a fine old company, from Sears, for about 5 bucks -- long ago, mind) and never looked back (except with the hand-held mirror in front of the bathroom mirror...)

As time went by it got easier and easier, until now I only have to "mow" a few square inches around the sides and back...

Nature is kind to us cheapskates ... in some ways ...

When I was in college in the '70s, and shag cuts were popular, I knew a girl who said they were very easy to do. You bent over with your head straight down, and looking (upside down)in a mirror, cut straight across the hair. When you flipped back upright, you'd have a perfect shag.

I have no idea if this was the truth. My hair wasn't quite long enough for that, and I wouldn't have tried it anyway.

Get a FLOWBEE. They're great!!!!

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