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March 23, 2020


Shopkeeper throws chilli at armed robber sending him fleeing with nothing but very sore eyes

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Chili powder. Although smacking a robber in the eye with a can of chili con carne would probably discourage him, too.

In Texas, the storekeeper would be charged with wasting a strategic resource when the proper response would be to just shoot the guy.

Yeah, I was picturing a bowl of chili too.

That perp is luck he wasn't here in the Southwest. We have some chili powders that a little puff to the face would have had him rolling on the floor, crying for his mommy. And that would just be some medium hot.

And Rod Nunley is right. In Texas that perp would also face a hanging offense for causing the wasting good chili powder.

Said his wife: "There's a sight for sore eyes!"

Said the perp: "How did you know?"

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