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March 31, 2020


Person dresses as bush to sneak out during the coronavirus lockdown

(Thanks to pharmaross, RunBDB, Allen at Division and Ralph)

Related: Driver stopped on M6 lockdown trip with wife in boot

(Thanks to Fabian Marson, who says "He’ll be sleeping on the sofa for the next 6 months.")


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Perhaps he got some chicken. Because a bird in the hand is worth two in a bush.

Likely a compulsive gambler eager to get out and hedge his bets.

The man disguising himself as a bush obviously never saw the downside of using this tactic that was plainly shown in Monty Python skit #42 "How Not to be Seen"in 'Something Different.'

" Not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent. Stay the course. Thousand points of light. "

Agent 13 has no aged well.

Don Knotts did this several times on The Andy Griffith Show.


Police later identified the person with the bush disguise as an American named Jerome "CurlY" Howard.

I saw the story about the guy who made his wife sut in the trunk (boot), but just assumed it was because they couldn't maintain the proper soccial distancing if they were both insude the vehicle.

Is there a problem, officer?

C'mon, are you telling me that wasn't a real bush?

Totally unrelated:

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