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March 19, 2020


This online calculator tells you exactly how much toilet roll you actually need to buy

(Thanks to Dave Stuff)


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I don't see where it factors in whether you want to be ordinary clean or Charmin clean.

It doesn't tack into account if you fold or crumple.

And diet. What if you're on the all-bran diet ?

The information is flawed. They didn't ask if you ate Taco Bell food or not.

How many days does it cover.

My wife got 6 and I got 2, so I guess we need 8. But 8 per month? Week? Day?

What if I'm on the Mark Watney potatoe diet?

Out of curiosity, I used the calculator to figure out a year of Dave's habits, since he needed 43 million bog rolls.

For a year, that means:

1 poop every 90 seconds
1000 sheets per poop

At that rate, the other factors are rounding errors.

This has been your "Math is Gross" moment.

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