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February 03, 2020


Two new Airbus planes have experienced engine shutdowns mid-flight after drinks were spilled in the cockpit

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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How many time do I need to tell you: No food or drink in the cockpit! Just wait till your father gets home.

Thankfully the Chevy doesn't have the same problem

"...Airbus is investigating the shutdowns while warning airline customers to avoid spills."
Customers?!? Both incidents were caused by spills on the cockpit center console.

And speaking of non sequiturs...
"Although spills can be messy or inconvenient, the possibility of a cup of coffee causing a plane's engine to shut down during a flight is alarming."
...where hss Mr. Grammar Person been hanging out these days?

Mon Dieu ! This is exactly the plot of the 60s movie, FATE IS THE HUNTER. DOESN'T ANYONE WATCH OLD MOVIES ANYMORE ? (shuffles back to the bus...)

Uh-oh, it's the "Pepsi Syndrome" all over again! (That'll be the entertainment on the geezer bus.)

Incidentally, doesn't Airbus have enough money to buy its pilots closable non-spill coffee cups? Just raise the taxes a few euros if need be; the French'll never notice it.

Airlines need to hire Dean Martin and Foster Brooks to teach pilots how to not spill their drinks.

Surely we all remember that Ted Striker had a similar drinking problem.

Otto the autopilot never had this problem.

Memo to all Airbus pilots---

"You are hereby notified that drinking any liquid while piloting a plane full of paying passengers must cease. Always do your drinking BEFORE takeoff. Scaring passengers and/or crashing the aircraft will be grounds for another written reprimand if you survive the crash."

All flight crew are restricted to jello shots until further notice.

Great. Now they'll have to add a bar behind the cockpit just so the pilots can drink away from the controls. Like they're really flying the plane anyway - Alexa and Siri are at the controls.

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