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February 26, 2020


Why America Is Losing The Toilet Race

(Thanks to pharmaross, who notes that America is “behind.”)


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Some things in this world should NOT require an "owner's manual"!

Toilet races are a Baltimore specialty. No shit.

Why is this important topic not being discussed in our presidential debates?

I don't care how fancy it is. How good does it flush? Remember, the Japanese are smaller people than we are. We need more power. If this thing won't suck down everything that's not nailed down (and maybe a few things that are), it's completely inadequate for my use.

"Let my people go!"

We have Toto toilets everywhere, and they flush great and don't use much water. Much better than the other brands.

The reason the high tech stuff hasn't caught on is because the cost is too high. Toto toilets are expensive, but the high tech stuff is priced out of sight.

Perhaps if it were cheaper....

I could never figure out why a toilet company was named after Dorothy's dog (Wizard of Oz).

"He believes getting Americans to embrace them would require significant investments to educate the public about the new product, marketing (for example, a commercial with George Clooney using a Japanese toilet)..."
I'm looking forward to seeing George Clooney embrace a toilet.

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