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February 14, 2020


Parks and recreation escalate efforts to take back control of field terrorised by thug geese

(Thanks to Ralph)

You know who's really behind this.


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People need to guage their actions on how they solve this problem.
I reccomend a 12 gauge, with bird shot.
And they need to be sure they get the ringleaders, the squirrels.

Thug geese taste just the same as regular geese. So what's the problem?

A dozen or so "snot bombing" 12 year olds with slingshots could solve the problem. And they can be paid in candy bras.

That was dyslexic. Not freudian.

Hells Angels barely beat out Thug Geese. The rest is history.

Gratuitous Goose Information: Canada Geese are regulated as Migratory Water Fowl. You can shoot them, but only in season, and there are bag limits. Poaching causes unpleasantness with game wardens and judges.

Artificial "scare crows" work briefly, but the geese soon figure them out, and ignore them.

Border collies are effective, legal, and reliable. After a few days the geese give up, and invade the next place down the road, thus making more employment for Border collies.

Soon the wretched birds return to the original site, making more employment for Border collies.

Eventually the Border collies establish a covert laboratory where they develop opposable thumbs, then take over the world.

pogo, I love border collies, but neither they nor any other dog is any match for a pissed-off goose. I've seem them terrorize labs, goldens, and shepherds to the point the dogs actually ran from the geese.

LeDud's suggestion of using boys is best. They're minors, so they won't be prosecuted. But I don't believe for a minute his "typo" was a mistake of any type. They absolutely would do it for candy bras.

I'm confused. Did Parks and Recreation open for Snoop or did Thug Geese?

Rod, you haven't seem a Border collie handle a pissed-off steer. Mine have done it.

Year-round resident Canadian geese are such a problem in Denver that local authorities received permission to net them during their flightless period while raising young, have them processed and provide the meat to a food bank. There's also talk of waxing the eggs to not allow them to hatch. I bet they'd like to know more about the invisible chemical that made the geese go away mentioned in one of the comments to the original story. BTW, Denver's goose problem came from someone thinking it would be nice to have wild geese stop by. They never left.

Part of my training as a wildlife biologist decades ago was to help capture geese for banding on a national wildlife refuge. The geese were baited into an area where a "cannon net" was fired over them with shotgun shells. Refuge personnel then were amused by undergraduate biologists trying to tackle the geese in the net before they could escape under the edges. Those thugs are STRONG. Their wings leave bruises, their poop stinks, and they do not cooperate.

The border collies can have them. Mere mortals need technical assistance, or need to find a use for them.

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