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February 21, 2020


China sends army of 100,000 ducks to border to fight locust plague from Africa

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger and Ralph)


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My geography is worse than I thought. What border does China share with Africa?

The locusts are also suitable for human consumption and are supposedly tasty when battered in breadcrumbs and fried in oil.

The ducks can have my share.

No Peking now...

Federal Ducks or State Ducks?

in ninth grade our biology teacher brought a hot plate and a bottle of corn oil to class. he fried grasshoppers (pulled the big back legs off first) in the oil, salted them and had us eat them. everyone in the class ate one except for me. I used my power of invisibility to disappear. Apparently they taste like pistachios.

The Federal Duck! C'mon, Dave, put the band back together!

Wouldn't duck be marines?

Darkwing Ducks last charge--

Into the valley of locusts ate the 100,000
there's was not to reason why
there's was to eat locusts
Or become duck L'orange
Into the Valley of locusts
charged General Darkwing's snarfing brigade
locusts to the right of them
locusts to the left of them
hoards more ahead of them

---tune in next week for another exciting episode of
Darkwing Duck

They're from a quack division.

@markhh - it’s not obvious, but it’s right along the peninsula between The Philippines and Argentina.

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