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February 05, 2020


A salamander didn't move for seven years

(Thanks to Steve K., who says "I had a college roommate like that.")


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"They are hanging around doing almost nothing".
I had three teenagers that acted the same way so why is this news?

That salamander hasn't moved in seven years for the same reason the parrot in the Monty Python skit wouldn't talk. It even had to be nailed to it's perch to keep it from falling off because it was DEAD, ceased to exist, left this mortal coil.

Now if that salamander's owner wants to be a lumberjack this story might get interesting.

"They can reportedly live as long as 100 years," but it would be so dull they don't want to.

I didn't find this a moving story.

Did they try disco music ?

Yeah, I guy I work with says his wife doesn't move either, except that one time 12 years ago when she wanted to mate.

So I guess she's about due again....

Olm sweet Olm.

@ Clankie - They should have tried "Copacabana."

Clankie--Or anything by the Grateful Dead.

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