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February 03, 2020


I Went to a Bar That Only Played 'Africa' By Toto All Night

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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The instrumental "Africa" (completely different song) by Checkfield is much better and more relaxing.

Why? I mean, why this crap song?

Why not "I've Been to the Desert on a Horse With No Name" or perhaps one of Dave's favorites, like "Honey" or "I Am (I Said)"?

Years ago a bunch of friends and I went camping at Myrtle Beach, SC. We were next to a small bar that had a cover band that was actually very good. Unfortunately the only song they knew how to play was Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett. I really like his music and up to this point I loved Margaritaville. The part where he sings, "salt, salt, salt!" is still stuck in my head.

He got to 36 and lost count? I wouldn't be seen in public with the guy.

BTW, when Africa was on the charts, most stations played the song at least three times an hour.

Try that with "Surfin' Bird", and you'll have a real conflagration on your hands.

Someone once gave me a travel alarm that played 'Oh, What a Beautiful Morning' from Oklahoma! That was okay until an early morning after a very late night at a wedding reception with an open bar. I sort of 'forgot' to pack that alarm clock for the trip home.

Cindy, in the mid-70s we were in Italy at a hotel next door to a disco. I like bass, but this place was so loud that the walls of the hotel vibrated all night. The one song they played repeatedly was "Get Up and Boogie" by Silver Convention, which consists of exactly six words, the four in the title and "That's right!"

I was hearing "Get up and Boogie" in my dreams for a week.

Finally, someone who knows you can't see Kilimanjaro from Serengeti unless you are way above ground. It is hidden by Ol Doinyo Lengai and other peaks.

If listening to repeating music doesn't annoy you, listening to repeating misinformation should.

Cheer up, it could have been “Achy Breaky Heart”.

Remember when Sinatra died, and all the radio stations played his songs for a while?

Let’s all wish the best of luck for Billy Ray.

Coulda been "Copacabana".

The referenced line about Kilimanjaro is also the single worst scansion in the history of music, poetry, and literature: trying to jam 162 syllables into a line meant for 10 or 12.

Playing 'Africa' more than once a month (or maybe it's a year?) is a hanging offense in Texas.

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