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February 13, 2020


They met on a dating app. Then he robbed a bank on their first date and forced her to be the getaway driver

(Thanks to Nelson from Michigan)


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"Hi, I'm Christopher. This is my gun."

I guessing the spitting pretty much ended any physical attraction she had to the gun He was carrying.

One more good reason not to look for love on the " Bagman " website.

She told him her name was Bonnie. He said, "Hi,I'm Clyde."
After that fateful meeting, things just spiraled downhill.

I've had first dates like this.

When asked by her friend how the date was, she replied 'Arresting'

I've had worse too. I had a date show up in a car covered in bumper stickers. He wanted to read them all to me before we left for dinner. I got a sudden headache and never saw him again.

Having lived in Rhode Island briefly once upon a time, trust me that if you're going to have any excitement, you're going to have to make it yourself.

Nice to know there are worse dates than the guy who insisted on taking me for appetizers only, so he could bolt if the date wasn't going well, and then told me off-color jokes the whole time.

Warning: Guys since you have obviously clicked here, although they appear to have a bright outlook, *DO NOT* mess with the picky blog women.

THIS is why I won’t let my daughters date until they’re 40!

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