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February 14, 2020


Bank teller called police over coronavirus mask, Michigan woman claims

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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As I'm sure nursecindy will tell you, the flu is a lot more likely and probably more dangerous for the average person. Plus, these stupid surgical masks are unlikely to protect you from the coronavirus.

"They kept saying that it was for their protection. And I don't understand what my mask has to do with their protection."

They're too politically correct to say it, but it's so they can identify you if you rob them. Moron.

And, not scary at all!

Banking at Key proves she's a moron.

I wonder if the next masked bank robber will get a: "THANK YOU FOR BEING CAREFUL !" instead of money. He'd better have a note.

It's hard to believe people believe a mask, surgical or not, will protect them from getting the flu. There are things that work such as washing your hands with soap and water. Wearing latex gloves when shopping could help. The single best prevention I learned working with doctors is hydrogen peroxide, even a spray as low as 1% used on packages, shopping carts, canned goods, ETC can help as does avoiding crowds. A shifting antigen virus is a scary thing for good reason.

So true Le Petomane. What a lot of people don't realize is surgical masks don't really protect you from anything. We had different protective equipment for highly contagious patients. However they do protect other people from getting your germs.
I carry hand sanitizer with me and always wipe off cart handles. I never open a store's door with my bare hand. However, the most important thing is to never touch your face with your hands if you haven't washed them yet. Especially don't touch your eyes or nose.
This has been your free medical advice for the day and you didn't even ask for it!

I believe the purpose of a surgical mask is to protect the patient from bacteria that might be carried in the surgeon's breath during surgery.

Cindy, I think the little packaged isopropyl alcohol wipes are one of mankind's greatest inventions. Not only are they good at wiping down surfaces, they're handy for just cleaning up certain things, too.

Before you could find them in drug stores, I used to steal them by the dozens from the med school lab I worked in. As did the doctors and everybody else!

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