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February 27, 2020


Pet snake swallows an entire beach towel

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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Full Monty Python.

I'm thinking that unless there is a shortage of towels in Australia that the swallowed object might be able to be retired.

LOL @ John L.

Sorry, python; wrong terry.

Monty Python/Hitchhiker's Guide crossover.

The Small Animal Specialist Hospital in Sydney said the 18-year-old female carpet python, named Monty Python, was brought in by her family when they discovered she had swallowed an entire beach towel.

Apparently, she's not just a carpet python.

I would have expected an Australian snake to be smarter than to eat something it couldn't give an excruciating death to first.

@Rod - you've never heard of wringing a towel?

This may be a serious case of ereptile disfunction.

PB will be shot at sunrise!

If you have a pet python, can you have other pets?

Not for long, pogo. Not for long.

pogo: The python is a car pet. You can have house pets.

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