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February 04, 2020


Family gets 55,000 duplicate letters from loan company

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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If they all have the return envelopes with the postage paid by the addressee, I know what I'd be doing with them.

Reminds me of when I worked for the ASSOCIATES (Joe Garagiolla "Nice People with Money") computer dept. We got an email one day that said: "Thru NO FAULT of management, 10,000 instant loan check mailers were sent to the WORST loan customers (deadbeats) instead of the BEST. (All you had to do was cash the check and voila..a loan )Everyone loved the "Thru no fault of management..."

He found an 800 number linked to the Post Office? And someone answered?

I was wondering where the AOL executives in charge of blanketing the country with CDs ended up.

The mailing software may have been written by the same people who did the Iowa Caucus software.

5*Snork to pogo!

I beg to differ, pogo. The loan application actually did something.

Mr. Postman look and see
if there's 50,000 letters in your bag for me...

As long as it didn't multiply what he owed by 55,000....

"No, we really mean it, you're approved."

The loan company liked the first letter so much they cranked out 54,999 more. Passing the savings on to the customer as always. Perhaps the recipient could have recycled all that mail and built up a credit on his account with the proceeds.

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