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February 25, 2020


A number of online websites suggest a frozen French fry-sized piece of potato inserted internally for 30 seconds is just the ticket for pile sufferers.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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We need a report from nursecindy, STAT.

Time to buy the industrial sized ketchup at Costco to kill the funky french fry aftertaste.

The best way to get rid of these is to go outside on a cold day and then sit on a concrete bench. It works every time and produce is not involved. One night a friend and I were working third shift and it was around 29 degrees outside. We had an older female patient that was suffering greatly with piles and it was her idea to go outside and sit on a concrete bench. Within five minutes she was pain free. We tried it on others and it always worked. I also had an older lady tell me she got rid of hot flashes by taking all her clothes off, then going out to her back yard in February and sitting on a concrete bench for about 15 minutes. She swore she never had another hot flash. He husband told me he kept a better eye on her after that because he had no idea she was gallivanting around the backyard in the buff. He was a long distance truck driver.

That's the only reason I ever went to Burger Heaven.

Don't these idiots know what happens when you put a potato in a tailpipe?

HMM...would you like catsup with that "lodged French fry" or some malt vinegar?

What a maroon. The best way to cure the piles is insert there a habanero chili peper. Trust me, Imma Dokter.

Wrinkle Cut fries work best

Using a frozen curly fry could put a twist to this story.

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