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February 28, 2020


You know Dad wants one.

(Thanks to Jane Linderman and Ralph)


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The materialistic him-and-her bimbos from the GMC holiday ad deserve these.

Twelve grand for both? Throw in that Peanutmobile next to them, and it's a deal!

So that's $12,000 Canadian?

- Jeff - How much is that in maple syrup?

The ad says they will remove the Oscar Mayer logo before the sale. Good plan; with that sticker peeled off, no one will ever know it was a wienermobile

I think they should have a contest and give them away for free. That way, they can notify the semi-finalists by sending a letter that starts off "Congratulations! You may already be a wiener!"

I so want to buy this - and drive it through the Holland Tunnel with a Freudian shrink on board.


Throw in that Peanutmobile next to them, and it's a deal!

No the Peanut is not for sale. Stop asking.

(Literal quote from the listing.)

My HOA would be thrilled, especially since I would play the song out of the speakers

How does it handle when it's slippery? I'd hate to get my wiener stuck. How much does it cost to insure a wiener?

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