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February 12, 2020


Boy caught eating two flies that land on his face during live TV interview

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Did he get one stuck in his teeth???


Maybe he had a frog in his throat.

I literally SNORKed at LeDud.

I get that reaction from women Renee.

That is exactly how I pictured the lad based on the article title.

I don't intentionally eat flies, but I used to eat mosquitos on occasion. When canoeing in the Yukon in the spring, there are clouds of them, and it's impossible to keep them out of your food. It's just extra protein.


Alaska claims large mosquitoes. The sell small kits with small traps and small skinning knives. The object is to trap and skin enough to make a furry coat out of them.

Snork @pogo!

"It's been rough on us. Especially on our son, Kermit."

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