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February 28, 2020


Mum does the school run and realises she left her children at home

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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No, no, you leave them at school, not at home.

Did the kids get detention for being late to school?

The story got more interesting when the woman realized she actually has no kids and isn't sure what town she lives in.

When the passage Luke 2:41- (Jesus' parents leaving him behind and finding Him in the Temple) was coming up in the next week, I passed along the story of when I left my three-year-old daughter at church. It includes my oldest saying from the back seat, "Dad, you are a dead man"

When asked for a show of hands, about a third of dads admitted they had left a kid behind. A lot fewer moms.

My friend who shall remain nameless (Deb) said she once had to drop her older daughter off at school first for some reason, then was halfway to work before sounds from the back seat told her that she had forgotten to drop the twins off at the babysitter.

I had a frantic woman come into the ER one night with her young daughter. According to her the little girl was running a high fever and vomiting. The kid kept trying to say something but mom wouldn't let her. Finally the kid told her she wasn't sick. Her twin sister, that mom had left at home, was the one that was sick. She took that one back and brought the correct twin in and we treated her for an ear infection.

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