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February 07, 2020


Loch Ness Monster 'caught on camera' in first official sighting of 2020

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Did he see his shadow?
That's him alright! I'd know him anywhere even though it looks more like a giant Tylenol than a sea monster.

In Roswell, New Mexico this would be a typically blurry photo of an alien cigar shaped supply spaceship.

My guess is that, once again, the aliens are having fun messing with us by selling those "special" bigfoot, sea monster and flying saucer cameras to an unsuspecting world.

It's 2020: have we not moved beyond (r@p-Cam video by now?

I would think that, given this is a veteran Nessie watcher and this is an 'official' video, the watchers would have better equipment.

There must be at least a billion of decent cameras on Earth (on phones), and still no even one decent photo of any monster, Bigfoot, UFO, Elvis or Madonna.

MOTW - Nessie has magic powers that cause her image to be blurred.

I think you're all missing the point. Once you get a clear, clean photo of one of the 'unidentified objects' then what will the rest of these 'professional' investigators do? Keeping the mystery alive is all they've got.
What if they were to find out the truth about the Easter Bunn . . . AHH! NOo!

This guy obviously was drinking something much better than the earthquaked beer in the Caymans.

Here's the guy that took the picture..

Funny, but the guy who took the picture is actually in the article.

His expression says, to me, “Haha, me and my funny friend with the scuba gear really put one over, hahahaaa..”.

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