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February 23, 2020


A jailed Irish drug dealer has lost his ill-gotten £46million Bitcoin fortune after the piece of A4 paper he had the access codes on and hid for safekeeping was 'thrown out' by his ex-landlord. 

(Thanks to James Flynn)


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Big deal, my mother threw out my baseball cards.

Officers are hoping that advances in technology will eventually enable them to access the accounts.

What does "advances in technology" mean, exactly? Hire a hacker?

One Bit, two Bits, three Bits, a dollar
If you lost Bitcoin, stand up and holler

However, his money remains nice and safe.

True story-- I was once hired by a law firm to help close out the assets of what had been a huge Colorado gold mining company. Among the most intriguing asset was a huge, ornate built in wall safe.
I called a safe company to drill it since no one could find the combination.Some lawyers from the firm and I gathered around when we opened the safe that had likely been closed for over 50 years.

The only thing in that safe was a dead spider and a piece of paper with the combination to the safe written on it.

Good one, Le Pet. So basically, you were Geraldo.

Al Capone had a gold mine?

I'm with Jeff, and I had a couple of Mickey Mantles in there.

Jeff-- the safe story was about 10 years before Geraldo opened Capone's vault. My dad had a Colorado mining company and he was always getting me odd jobs while I was in College.
One interesting story that,oddly enough,seemed to check out was Hitler's lost Arizona gold mine. But like all lost mine stories, they have to stay lost to be interesting. Who wants to hear about the FOUND Lost Dutchman Gold Mine?

Did he try typing PASSWORD?

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