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February 13, 2020


Metro has spent $3.8 million and 5 years building 2 bike racks. They're still unfinished.

(Thanks to pharmaross and Allen at Division)


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Personally I would NEVER keep MY ducts in an underground bank.

Virginia's newly adopted state motto says it all. Our elected officials are on crack, so stfu moaners.

Did anyone associated with the city get married in the last five years?
Just sayin'.

Didn't they just legalized unmarried sex ? VA is going to pot. (Is that legal there?)

Commercial bike racks that hold up to 10 bikes each can be purchased for under $400 apiece, but they wouldn't have the pretty fence. Virginia's designers, construction managers and contractors must have worked at the Pentagon first. Even the original $600,000 budget was outrageous.

How situations like this are handled in New Mexico:

"So Senor, you wish to see our contractors license. We don't got no stinkin' license, but we do have cash monies for our friends. We also have many pistoles to shoot people who are not our friends. We ARE going to be friends---AREN'T we?"

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