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February 04, 2020


By pulling 99 phones down empty streets, artist Simon Weckert made it look like they were gridlocked on Google Maps.

(Thanks to Kevin Meerschaert and pharmaross)


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Hey, dude, I got your artistic expression right here.

Here in the South when somebody acts like that we don't call them artists. We just say they're a little bit "touched" and then, if they're a family member, we hide them from the neighbors.

What's really amazing is that he left his mother's basement to do this.

If that guy tried that here, we could put the wagon into a contest where you could guess the number of bullet holes in it and win a new rifle.

Ok, data can construct - but they can also reflect reality. Crooking the system does not give you the power to change reality. That way lies the madness of the Party in Orwell’s ‘1984’.

But this could have a serious use. The ability to create traffic jams could be used in civil unrest, or a terror attack. Time to think on tweaking the system so this can’t be done anymore - or at least, made easy to counter.

Simon Weckert just might get into the Guiness Book of World Records for having the most cell phones removed from his rectum in an ER.

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