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February 08, 2020


Nevada DMV eliminates parallel parking from driving exam

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Because proving that they actually are able to maneuver the vehicles they're driving might be upsetting to these teens. Maybe the DMV should also equip the vehicles with emotional support animals during driving exams.

Parallel parking leads to too many retests, Malone added.

Oh, well, in that case...

Malone will next turn his attention to firearms training classes and see what can be done if too many retests are done there.

Sorry, I find nothing humorous about this. Just another step in the dumbing-down of humanity.

The very snowy winter I took Driver's Ed, we never got around learning to parallel park because we were learning how to dig out stuck cars. I passed Driver's Ed and met Dad's pal, the local State Trooper, in a coffee shop to do the license paperwork. Therefore, I have assiduously avoided parallel parking for over 60 years. Walking from a distant parking spot is healthy after all.

Good! Wish all states would also comply.

Two words - "smaht pahk"

Cars will soon be equipped to park themselves. Parallel parking skills will be as superfluous as hand signals for cars. Times change. Drivers today can't figure out why people on bicycles point their left arms up.

There are already many self-parking cars on the market. 2020 Toyota Prius, Chevy Malibu, Lincoln, high end Mercedes and BMW.

I'm not bragging or anything but, I'm an excellent parallel parker. I lived in an apartment for three years and that's the only parking we had so I got very good at it. Unfortunately I'm not so good with stop signs. During my driving test I ran the stop sign in front of the DMV and they flunked me. When I retook the test I almost put the examiner's head through the windshield so he'd be sure to know that I had stopped.

I successfully parallel parked an 18-foot, 1959 Mercury station wagon for my driver's test. Why shouldn't everybody?

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