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February 11, 2020


Moms clash at children’s dance recital at Ann Arbor school, police say

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Keeping it classy in Michigan. I think kids would have a lot more fun if their parents didn't keep getting in the way.

DO NOT mess with Dance Moms.

A certain Ann Arbor university that shall remain nameless stole the tune to my high school’s fight song. Fights are how they communicate in that town

Chuck E. Cheese Middle school...?

What is a soft lockdown? Does that mean you close the windows and lock the screen doors?

Parent Involvement Day. Somehow I don't think that was what they meant.

NMUA- Hey, careful there. "The Victors" was written in 1898 by a UM music student. Are you sure YOUR SCHOOL didn't "steal" it from them? In which case, if you beg, I will consider dropping charges and will accept an apology on their behalf. Let the grovelling commence.

They were rehearsing for their upcoming gig at Chuck E. Cheese.

First kiddy dance recital I went to, they had a big sign saying "no holding or reserving seats" outside the auditorium. Walk into the auditorium, there are parents with rolls of masking tape taping off rows of seats. They walk out, another set of parents walks in, tears that tape off and puts their own tape on. So yeah, I can see violence ensuing.

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