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February 10, 2020


Canada’s International Hair Freezing Competition Is Here

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Hard. Pass.

Canada, a nation descending from Chaos into mob rule, a rat's nest.

No way. None. I don't like being cold.

NC - the water is warm, it's a hot spring.

Still doesn't touch what you can do with a full can of hair spray.

But the real question is, could it beat the XFL in the ratings?

pogo, it's cold outside of that spring so the answer is still no. Right now it's raining and 51 here in N.C. I have on my sweatpants, sweatshirt, and an electric throw over my lap because I'm still cold and it's 72 degrees in my house.

Hm. I have a hot tub in the back yard, and I love to go soak when it's snowy or even snowing. It's the best time to go. I thought everyone did that. (Everyone that has a hot tub that is).

Why would anybody want to go to Canada and get eaten by a bear once you have been parboiled to perfection?

I'm perfectly happy to just go join some Indian friends in a sweat lodge.

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